.....Effective repeller of Dogs, Foxes, Cats, Birds and Other Animals

 Animal Away Plus EM987F





Product Name: Animal Away Plus

Model Number: EM987F 



  • Flower beds
  • Birth bath / feeders
  • Garden, lawn and yard
  • Near ponds to protect fish
  • Indoors (may require pet do or cat intrusion prevention
  • To scare intruding animals during night time


Unwelcomed animals affected

Cats, dogs, foxes, squirrels, rabbits, rodents, birds, deer, antelope, baboons, monkeys, goats, sheep, rams, cattles, cow, Pigs, hyena, meerkats, bats, small birds, domestic pest animals, some wild animals and many other animals (confirm the specific one first) etc 



  • Dual 9V battery operation and optional adaptor operation
  • PIR sensor detects and triggers ultrasonic / sonic plus flash light emission
  • Shift to sonic sound by pressing the function button to scare pest birds, older animals away
  • Built-in super bright LED emits flashing strobes to startle pests
  • Weather resistant and maintenance free
  • Harmless to human and animals
  • Effective range up to 85 square meters
  • Easy to mount on walls, poles, trees etc
  • LED flashing strobe life up to 100,000 hours