.....Animal Away Repeller, Scarer etc

 Animal Away EM987






Product Name: Animal Away 

Model Number: EM987 

The stronger and powerful Animal-Away can operate on 2 pieces. 9V alkaline battery. It provides a very convenient, non-location limited and effective way to deter the unwelcome animals without harming them. For the energy saving purpose, Animal-Away is combined with the sophisticated infrared detecting system to monitor a fan shaped area of 70 degree, distance up to 12 meters approximately. 

Once the sensor is triggered within the protected zone, Animal-Away will project intensive sound waves of frequency range from 18 KHz to 24 KHz to deter the intruding animals out of the protected area. A built-in LED indicator will show the device is sending the sound waves after detected animals. A special built-in test button allows user to check the proper-operation of the device. Animal-Away is also equipped with a DC power input jack for the option of adapter operation when required.



  • Operated by two 9V alkaline batteries or mains adapter
  • Compact design, Easy installation, Maintenance-free
  • Infrared detection for energy saving
  • Built-in LED indicator to confirm the detection and sound waves emission
  • Built-in test button to check the proper operation
  • Effective, Safe, Humane, Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for installing in garden, lawn and yard



Cats, dogs, foxes, squirrels, rabbits, rodents, deer, antelope, baboons, monkeys, goats, sheep, rams, hyena, meerkats, domestic pest animals, some wild animals (confirm the specific one first) etc