3-in-1 Eletromagnetic Pest Repeller






The 3-in-1 Electromagnetic Pest Repeller


This is a powerful electromagnetic device that repels all kinds of indoor pest such as Rodents, Insects and some of Reptiles and Arachnids without the use of Chemicals; totally Eco friendly




Helps control

Insect: Cockroaches, flies, ants (excluding carpenter ants), centipedes, water bugs, crickets, bed bugs (prevents only), silverfish, earwigs, mites, spiders, scorpions, fleas, ticks, some cases of mosquito control has been reported, flying & crawling insetcs etc
Rodents: mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons and bats.

Reptiles: Wall gecko, Lizards

Arachnids: Scorpion




Uses 3 Kinds of Pest Control Technology

High PressureUltrasonic:

Utilizesthe latest in Ultrasonic technology. High pressure transducers emit a powerful ultrasonic sound that normal speakers can't. Unheard by Humans or Pets, these sounds pound the ear drums of the small offensive pests which invades your home. Much like a Loud siren, the sounds intermittently attack the pests nervous system to drive them out of your home and property.

Theunit works by altering the existing electro-magnetic field in your home or workplace. It sends a short burst or pulse of electromotive force through your existing wiring. While undetectable to humans or pets it drives pests from their hiding places and out of your building.

Practical Nightlight
Usesvery little energy and will virtually outlast the repeller itself. Help seeyour way through a dark hallway, kitchen bedroom bathroom or any where you wantto plug it in.

Red light-------indicates the device is working properly
Yellow light---indicates the electromagnetic function. It will blink or static when the device is working properly.
Green light----indicates the ultrasound function, it will blink or static when the device is working properly.



1) Powerful and efficient electromagnetic pest control system
2) Easy to use, just plug in
3) economical power consumption
4) No chemical products; Eco-friendly; No maintenance necessary
5) Covers up to 200 Square Metre (an average flat)
6) Unlimited Duration! No refills; Works 24h/day; 365 days/ year
7) Ultrasound is effective for: Flies & mosquitoes
8) Electromagnetic is effective against rodents, ants, spiders, scorpion, wall gecko etc
89) Has a practical nightlight