5-in-1 Electromagnetic Pest Repeller





The 5-in-1 Electromagnetic Pest Repeller



Helps control


Insect: roaches, ants (excluding carpenter ants), centipedes, water bugs, crickets, bed bugs (prevents only), silverfish, earwigs, mites, spiders, scorpions, fleas, ticks.

Rodents: mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons and bats.




3 Kinds of Pest Control Technology


*Electro-Vibrawave Technology

Pulsating vibrations travel through your wiring to create a giant pest repelling field. Reaches deep into walls and cracks untouched by other pest controls where 90% of pests nest and breed.


*Ionic Technology

Removes pollutants from the air, destroys dust mites and eliminates food odors that attract pests into your home.


*Ultrasonic technology
The exclusive high pressure transducer emits an ultrasonic alarm (inaudible to humans) that drives pests out by creating a hostile environment.





5-in-1 Pest Repeller Features

*Efficient electronic pest control device
*Covers up to 5, 000 sq. Ft.
*Recommended one per floor
*Safe for humans and pets (excluding rodent type pets)
*Uses ultrasonic sound technology to repel pest from your home

*Ultra-Ionic pest control technology filters out bacteria and odors that draw pest in
*Second generation Electro-Vibrawave repels pests from inside walls
*Super bright blue LED nightlight (On/Off/Light Sensor controls)
*Standard 1 year Warranty

*A/C outlet pass through (Provides an additional plug)





Technical Specification

*Power: 110V/60Hz; 120V/50Hz
*Consumption: 8 Watts (Max. )
*Ultrasonic Frequency: 25, 000 Hz
*Pulse Intervals:

Ultrasonic wave: 1 sec. ~ 4 sec. On, 0.5 sec. ~ 2 sec. Off
Magnetic wave: 0.5 sec. ~ 2 sec. On, 1 sec. ~ 4 sec. Off
Purifying Rate: 98%
Negative Ions Concentration: 3, 000, 000 ions/CBM